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We are quite proud of our testimonials and hope that they will inspire you to inquire about Maryland Heritage Properties representing you and your fine property - old or not so old.

Thank you for taking the time to convey your thoughts and experiences. We are most grateful.
                                                                         Nancy McGuire, Founder & Broker

To Whom It May concern:

​"A Seller looks for a Realtor who represent their property in a manner that is mutually advantageous to all. Such a person is Nancy McGuire who recently represented us.

Her expertise and thoroughness in research, architectural knowledge, restoration knowledge and presentation of his topic houses of the 18th, 19th and 20 centuries make her a representative to the be sought for. 

​Her attention to detail, sympathetic busines acumen and the highest level or professionalism combine to make the resultant conclusion a most rewarding on. We cold not recommend her to highly."

                                                                                                              Seller in Historic District of Chestertown

To Whom It May Concern:

"My name is XXX and have used Nancy McGuire on both purchase and sale of properties in Chestertown, MD.  I’m delighted to talk directly with you if that would be helpful.

General:  Knows the broader Eastern Shore market as well as the Annapolis market which is important for relative value analysis.  This includes both for general representation and historic properties, her specialty. 

Historic:  deep, unparalleled knowledge in the market in all the “special” aspects of these types of properties, including provenance and desirability features, and the “good, the bad and the ugly”.  Knows the difference between:  good, better, best.

The right buyer:  no time wasted; very frank and discerning.  Why waste time!   And if you are the buyer will guide you through process—and not let emotion take you down the wrong path.

Positioning:   Each property needs to be sold—they are not bought.  So positioning is critical.  Practical on what investment may be needed and if needed understands it needs to be money maker.

Resources:  The above is accomplished through a deep bench of long-term relationships with all the trades. Never been disappointed with their work—and that is not usual!

Pricing and Negotiation:  Not afraid of smashing price ceilings. She has track record of breaking through historic pricing norms.

Truth Teller:  What I like best about Nancy, whether buyer or seller, is you get the truth—unvarnished.  Does the right thing—not looking at you as “walking fee”.

Last thing:  she moves on with resilience and relentlessness.

As CEO of investment firm, I praise economy of effort and getting to the truth.  People always ask what are so and so’s weaknesses;  with Nancy I worry she works too hard!  Obviously big supporter but the proof of the pudding is results."

                                                                                       Buyer and Sellers in Historic District of Chestertown

To Whom It May concern:

          “I am keenly aware of the eccentricities and rewards of living in historic buildings. I interviewed numerous Realtors looking for someone who shared my passion for historic preservation, had the business savvy to market my quirky house, and could work with buyers who appreciate and understand historic properties. I was delighted with the care and attention ‘Wilton’ received under Nancy’s high energy marketing strategy and am pleased to say that, thanks to Nancy, it remains in the stewardship of preservation-oriented owners.”
                                                                                                                                                   Sellers of Wilton 

To Whom It May concern:

          “Nancy’s impressive track record in selling historic houses led us to her. She sold our historic house in Centreville, Maryland after conducting an effective, targeted marketing campaign. Although finding a buyer for a restored Federal house in a small Eastern Shore town seemed a daunting task, Nancy ably met the challenge. Her attention to, and ability to convey to buyers, the architectural details that make our historic building unique probably made the crucial difference in her successful effort to sell an unusual property to an unusually small market of interested buyers. She certainly lived up to her reputation.”

                                                                                                                                          Sellers of Kennard House
To Whom It May concern:

           “We feel very fortunate to have found Nancy McDonald McGuire’s services for the sale of our home, Great Neck. Her professionalism, thorough research, preparation, experience with management of a National Register site and love of historic properties is a personal signature that radiates to potential Buyers during her presentations. We find Nancy McGuire to be a dedicated, knowledgeable and gracious professional who is truly concerned with all aspects of the sale of property and the welfare of the Sellers. She is one in a million, a rare find.”
                                                                                                                                                  Sellers of Great Neck

To Whom It May concern:

          “We have known Nancy for many years, and have always been impressed with her as a professional, and for her high standards. She is genuinely interested in the preservation of our scarce Historic Structures, and is tireless in her enthusiasm for their care. In the late 90’s, we owned a historic farm property near Centreville Maryland. This farm is known as ‘Content,’ was built circa 1775, and is listed on the National Register of Landmark properties. When we decided to sell this property, we met with numerous real estate firms to review their experience and track record in marketing and selling a unique historic property such as ours. We found that none of these firms had the depth of knowledge of historic structures, or concern for the preservation of these irreplaceable landmarks. In our case, these were essential requirements in the selection of a realtor, and Nancy exceeded our expectations.

           Content was not easy to sell. It required a special buyer, one who was ready to meet the challenge of maintaining and continuing to preserve the aging structure, together with the compound of barns, and the extensive gardens. Nancy’s approach to marketing was to create a sophisticated brochure, which highlighted the unique features of the property in graphic, photographic, and narrative form. Her deep background as a historian is evident from the quality of the brochure she created, and her conviction was evident when she showed the property to potential buyers.

The summary of this experience was that the right buyer saw the brochure, fell in love with property, and was skillfully led by Nancy through the thicket of complications that always occur in real estate transactions of this kind. We are also pleased to report that we achieved our financial goals from the transaction.”

                                                                                                                                        Sellers of Content Farm
To Whom It May concern:

          “It is an absolute pleasure to work with Nancy McGuire. She believes that it is important to know even the most minute details of the property she represents. She was very knowledgeable about this rather complicated property we purchased through her and will use her services if we ever decide to sell. We recommend Nancy McGuire without hesitation.”

                                                                                                                                 Buyers of Walnut Point Farm

To Whom It May concern:

           "Rather than rehashing the road leading to this letter, which we both know all too well, I would be remiss without dropping you a short note on behalf of our entire group to once again thank you for your honesty and professionalism throughout the process toward our purchase of the above-referenced property. This, combined with your obvious knowledge of real estate as well as your affable nature and integrity, certainly added value to a complicated and often discouraging effort that unfortunately did not end with favorable results for us. Although I am sure that you do not want to use a failed transaction as a reference, my family and I will certainly recommend you to anyone we know requiring your services in the area. 
          In short, Nancy, please keep up the good work. You are not only an asset to Chestertown but also to the real estate brokerage business. Thank you once again and good luck.”

                                                                                                      A Corporate President and Prospective Buyer

To Whom It May concern:

          "It was a pleasure to meet you. We very much appreciated the time you spent with us. Your knowledge of real estate goes without saying, but even more important, is your understanding of what is required to provide professional and dedicated service to your clients. You provided a comfort level that is a rear commodity in your business. We want to thank you for listening and for your suggestions.

          Hopefully the future will allow our paths to cross once again.”

                                                                                                                                     Buyers from Pennsylvania

To Whom It May concern:

         “It is always a pleasure to work with you, Bill and your office staff. I appreciate your professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail, and your unique ability to make every settlement seem as if it was among long-time friends. I have worked with many realtors across the state of Maryland and Delaware since coming to XXXXX Title four years ago. You stand out as the best because your love for this profession shines through every real estate settlement. I wish you continued success!” 

                                                                                                                          Well-established Title Company
To Whom It May concern:

          “Nancy McGuire and the entire Maryland Heritage Properties’ team is a true testament to outstanding service and reliability. During the process of not only selling but also purchasing homes through Maryland Heritage Properties, their unwavering dedication and attention to detail has proven them to be the finest in their field.”
                                                                                                                                       Contractor of Fine Homes

 To Whom It May concern:

          "I welcome the chance to tell you of my experience with Maryland Heritage Properties. I felt strongly when I signed on with Maryland Heritage Properties for the sale of my home that I was selecting the best real estate representation available in Kent County. I was never disappointed in my choice.

          Nancy McGuire is extremely knowledgeable and was emotionally supportive during what ended up being a prolonged marketing period for the sale of my property on Washington Avenue. The purchase of my new home on Campus Avenue had a few ups and downs, but Nancy was right by my side leading me through the process of both selling and buying and always going the extra mile when needed. I can’t imagine going through these transactions without her expertise as well as her steadfast loyalty and support.” 

                                                                                                                                                   Seller and then Buyer