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on the County of Kenton Maryland's Eastern Shore
ca. 1890

This most unsual and exciting potential opportunity is located  on 3.22 acres just minutes

south of Historic Chestertown. Mowbray Chapel is surrounded by farms and farming estates so a three-acre parcel is most unusual. This particularly fine area is known for its spreading fields, virgin woods, and pastoral views.

Quaker Neck is world renown for deer and waterfowl hunting and peaceful days sailing, fishing and crabbing on the broad, wandering Chester River. The County of Kent has become a haven to those who reside in Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore and New York. Chestertown is the home of Washington College, 10th oldest college in America.

This Methodist Church was formerly called Walton's Chapel.  Walton's Chapel was built in 1869 and located in Quaker Neck. It was enlarged in 1882 and again in 1887. The building burned October 26th, 1889. This was the successor to the old Kent Meeting House Society (ca 1774) which was located on a bluff near Rock Hall which was the first church built by the Methodists in Kent County. The second church was the Hynson's Church located halfway between Rock Hall and Pomona at Baker's Lane. When the Methodists built Walton's Chapel, 3.5 miles south of Pomona, it was the third church built by the Methodists. The congregation moved then from Hynson's Chapel to Walton.

Reverand William R. Mowbray, pastor of Pomona a the time this church burned. Being a good mason by trade, he himself supervised this chapel being built. The members of the parish honored him by naming this building as Mowbray's Chapel. The bricks were used were from Hynson's Chapel. The cost of the new structure was two hundred dollars and was completed in 1890.

The Deed restricts the chapel from being used again as a house of worship. Because of it architecture, setting and prime location, a most unique residence could be designed.