Maryland Heritage Properties

A Real Estate Brokerage Featuring Historic & Contemporary Properties For Sale in Maryland


                We have learned volumes over our more than forty years working with Sellers, Buyers and the bricks and mortar of buildings. Representing historic buildings properly has been THE path to understanding buildings thoroughly paired with the people who love them, maintain them, honor their past builders and owners and stand ready to share the history they represent.

               Old houses are unique and, most often, so are their owners. Owners expect much of themselves and even more from those who represent their properties. They are members of an important universal fraternity of discerning people with a deep interest in architecture and history.

               A SENSITIVE APPROACH to placing historic buildings or, in fact, any property, IN the market of available properties is key. Building a Buyers confidence is also key to their being comfortable enough to make a decision. These special properties do not benefit from "key lock" representation.

               It sounds complicated but it does not need to be. Representing and presenting a property is a process of tailored steps. MHP has perfected those steps and simplified the process.

               One should begin with an initial visit and tour of your house and grounds so that recommendations can be made PRIOR to "launching" it into the world of available properties. For instance, the grounds can be as important as the buildings, attics should be organized so that the building's condition can be observed. The building's history may reveal an audience who would be particularly interested.

               As you can imagine, this style of understanding and marketing properties is easily adapted to modern buildings. It begins with our dedication to present properties so that they are understood and, thereby, desired. Setting a price for a property is easy compared to actually getting that price.

We look forward to an initial phone conversation followed by a visit. We have been told often how useful these initial steps have been to the process. Our consulting fees vary depending upon the complexity of the property, location and expectations of owners.

Definitions you may find of interest:

Preservation means restoring and using the building for its original purpose, with as much of the original features and décor saved as possible.

Restoration means tearing out improvements made over time that do not reflect the original age and style of the home, and then repairing those areas to closely match the original size, shape, color, etc.

Reconstruction means making major changes to the floor plan such as adding new rooms and dramatically altering and repurposing parts of the home.

Renovation or remodeling freshens the look of the home using modern materials such as updating an older kitchen with custom cabinetry, a farm sink and appropriate countertops.