Maryland Heritage Properties

A Real Estate Brokerage Featuring Historic & Contemporary Properties For Sale in Maryland

ca. 1860 Italianate Offices on Lawyer's Row in Historic Chestertown.

MHP is located at 113 Court Street on Lawyer's Row

in Historic District of Chestertown on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

"Chestertown and Kent County is a place where people do not come

because it is quite like everywhere else . . . but because it is exceptionally itself."

Our Mission: to appropriately represent and introduce properties of significance so that they can be found, understood and acquired by those who value them.

Brokerage Services

We are a real estate brokerage offering more than four decades of the tailored, professional representation of historic buildings and classic properties. A company who, has perfected the art of presenting significant buildings and understands architectural style and design and its importance in the marketplace.

Property Studies are used to survey buildings and grounds. Prepared with the assistance of the owner, the Property Study includes information on the building's style, architectural significance, size, condition, location, history and property amenities. This is just the beginning in the process of getting to know our properties.

Because of the age of many of our listings, we have developed strategies to raise the comfort level of Buyers while "insulating" a Seller's' offering price from speculation about the condition or what may be perceived as a property lacking.

Nancy McD. McGuire, Broker, and Founder has enhanced her life continually living in 18th-century buildings. She has served as Director at Waverly (home of the 2nd Governor of Maryland); served on the easement monitoring committee for the Maryland Historical Trust; represented numerable historic properties; assisted many Buyers in their purchase of old buildings. Nancy currently serves on the Historic Chestertown's Historic District Commission and is a member of many preservation organizations. She will always be a champion of history and architecture.

Brochures & Flyers

From the survey, a unique Brochure is developed which is quite valuable to the remote Buyer and is reassuring to all discerning purchasers. Carefully tailored brochures highlight the history and important architectural elements of each property. Even the simplest building can be beautifully presented from well-researched historic information. Each brochure is distributed to a broad network of interested enthusiasts - buyers, preservation organizations, professionals, and non-professionals.


Working closely with each owner, and from gathered information, a unique marketing strategy is

created to place a property in the growing market of historic buildings. Targeted magazines, newspapers, press releases, preservation materials, and publications for tailored audiences are used to maximize marketing efforts.

Multiple Listing Services & The Internet

Important “friends” to preservation, we believe, are the facsimile machine, computer, and the Internet. This technology enables people to live wherever they find their "wonderful old house." Therefore, properties represented appear internationally, on the Internet and in a Multiple Listing System. Our website features these very special properties.

Easements, Disclosures & Disclaimers
Our understanding and presentation of restrictive and conservation easements
builds confidence in the properties we represent. We do not believe that easements hinder the marketability of a property.

Property Management

Because of our reputation for responsible representation, Maryland Heritage Properties occasionally we are asked to manage properties purchased by our clients. Please inquire with Nancy McD. McGuire at  443 480 7342 (c).

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