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   Front 0f 306   

We are located at 306 Cannon Street here in Historic Chestertown on Maryland's Eastern Shore . . .

The Path that lead us here . . . As many may know by now, Sultana Projects will be re-locating to the corner of Cannon and Cross where Maryland Heritage Properties and Maryland Real Estate Management were located. Sultana's administrative offices will be in the wonderful Greek Revival building on the corner of Cannon and Cross and their Educational Center will be built adjacent as a LEED Platinum certified building. All very exciting for Chestertown. Thank you Sultana for continuing your wonderful programs in downtown Chestertown. View Sultana history, accomplishments, future schedule and events at 
Sultana Education Foundation.

When the proposal was first presented to us – Nancy McGuire of MHP and Bill Matthews of MREM - we viewed the opportunity too important for the entire Town to object. Furthermore, we feel that if one is fortunate in life, one is presented with an opportunity to be larger than oneself.  This is just such an opportunity.

Finding something as satisfying was a difficult task.

Happily, 306 Cannon Street - just next door - was available and is a lovely

historic building saved from demolition and moved to this location

several years ago. It enjoyed a complete restoration/renovation.

Our new interior design, all beautifully executed by Roy Kirby & Son,

compliments our focus and is welcoming and comfortable.

Thank you Yerkes Construction for donating the old windows used in the interior design.

Come view our continuing slide show of available properties

that can been seen twenty-four hours a day.

Your needs and our service to you IS

Maryland Heritage Properties and Maryland Real Estate Management.

Brokerage Services

        We are a real estate brokerage offering more than four decades of the tailored, professional representation of fine properties. A company who honors the privacy of our clients, has perfected the art of presenting significant buildings, and understands architecture and its importance in the new marketplace. Commercial properties are found in "Featured Properties".

Real Estate Consulting Services

        Over four decades of real estate experience has accumulated volumes of real estate information and know how. We are often asked for advice beyond and separate from our brokerage service. To answer this demand, we now offer consulting sessions  on an hourly basis. Please call for our brochure for the particulars. 


    Chestertown on Maryland's Eastern Shore has just been declared #3 of top 12 towns in America as a "Destination" by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

      The County of Kent has been named the #1 Best Rural County in America to live by Progressive Farmer.  


Please note the addition to our web site of Current Real Estate News.  May we suggest you also review past months for informative particulars about your property and the market. The link for past issues is found at the bottom of the current issue.

Now, relax and enjoy wandering through our
available real estate. . .


Maryland Heritage Properties, Owned and Operated by Heritage Lines LLC, Chestertown, MD, 410 778 9319